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Apr 2, 2017

Choosing The Right Benchtop Edge Profiles

Posted by: David

Choosing the perfect edge profile can be as big of a decision as the benchtops themselves.

With a seemingly endless number of options to choose from, it can be a difficult task.

Benchtop Edge Profiles Factors To Consider


Several factors should be taken into account when thinking about edge profiles. Ideally, straight or quarter bevelled edges are great for the clean lines and angles of modern and contemporary styles. More intricate edges like cove bullnose, cove ogee or cove DuPont may complement the look in a classic & traditional setting.

A great complement to a more decorative edge profile would be defined crown moulding in a similar style. Another thing to take into consideration would be how the space and benchtop get used. Round edge profiles like quarter round, half bullnose and full bullnose all feature simple, rounded edges, which may be safer in high-traffic areas than the more angled profiles.

There are countless other styles and combinations to choose from, but in our experience here at StoneTech, very rarely do our clients rigidly stick to any one style.

We may see a kitchen that is primarily classic in style but uses straight edges on the countertops. Ultimately, a homeowner may have a more modern style to the kitchen and use quarter round instead of something more angular.

Remember When Choosing The Right Benchtop Edge

The thing to remember here is that rules are meant to be broken. If you’ve designed your kitchen in one style, don’t feel obligated to choose an edge based on that style if there’s a different edge that you like more.

The level of maintenance required for your edge profile may also influence your choice.

The basic rule is that simpler edges require less maintenance while dirt and dust can collect in the complex edge profiles. With that in mind, we recommend more complex edge profiles for areas of lower traffic such as bathroom vanities.

Whichever combinations of stone colour and edge profile you choose will be cut with the speed and accuracy of StoneTech computer-controlled machines, giving you a perfectly smooth edge every single time.

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So whatever your stone needs may be, Stone-Tech ® will provide you with excellent service to supply and install your next kitchen benchtop, vanity top, stone staircase, fireplace, stone table or cladding.