How to Update Your Kitchen on Any Budget

With the right approach you can make your kitchen more functional and stylish, whether you budget is $100 or $10,000 Whether you’re dreaming of a full kitchen renovation in the not too distant future (that day might be a long way off), or maybe you would like your current kitchen to stay the same but want to change a couple of features and components. If this sounds like your scenario, then a simple kitchen refresh could be just the thing.

Great Kitchen Renovations On A Budget

Even without reconfiguring the whole kitchen layout, there’s a number of things to consider, from small features, such as new cabinet handles and lighting, to major changes, such as new benchtops and kitchen appliances. It does not matter if your budget is $100 or $10,000, it can be a difficult to decide what to prioritise and what to do on a future date.

If your budget is around $100:

Change the wall colour. Between the kitchen cabinets and appliances, there is generally limited wall space — which means it won’t take much paint (and/or time) to change the color.

If you do the painting yourself, your only costs will be a few litres or so of paint (measure the square metre area of the wall in question and ask at the paint store to get the right amount) and basic painting supplies.

If you have some cash left over, use it to pick up a new wall framed print to decorate your freshly painted wall.

If your budget is up to $500:

Hang art, paint, get new lighting and add open shelves.

Open shelving does wonders for small spaces. Even replacing a an upper cabinet with a set of open shelves can make your kitchen look more spacious and provide an opportunity to display decorative dishes and accessories.

If your budget is up to $1,000:

What’s next? After the fresh paint, art, lighting and open shelves, consider new kitchen taps. Replacing a kitchen tap with a modern functional design costs less than replacing the whole sink (that’s potentially the next project) and can be an easy DIY job for a homeowner.

If you have more wiggle room in your budget, buy that new sink to go with that new kitchen tap. Keep in mind that if your new sink is a different shape and style than the old one, you might be up for additional installation costs to fit it properly into the benchtop.

If your budget is up to $1,500:

Paint, art, new lighting, open shelves, a new sink and then a makeover for your kitchen cupboards.

Brand-new cabinets is one of the higher-cost items in a kitchen renovation, so try to avoid it, if possible!

If your kitchen cupboards are in good condition you have the option to simply repaint them. When doing so strictly follow the necessary steps (see to prepare them for their new finish.

Then replace the old cupboard knobs and handles. Know that if your cupboards need to be resurfaced — which involves replacing rather than just repainting — the cost will be considerably more.

If your budget is up to $5,000:

Installing new benchtops is one of the best-impact changes you can make to your kitchen.

There’s a wide range of options when it comes to great-looking kitchen benchtop materials.

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