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How to Update Your Kitchen on Any Budget

With the right approach you can make your kitchen more functional and stylish, whether you budget is $100 or $10,000 Whether you’re dreaming of a full kitchen renovation in the not too distant future (that day might be a long way off), or maybe you would like your current kitchen to stay the same but want to change a couple of features and components. If this sounds like your scenario, then a simple kitchen refresh could be just the thing.

11 Practical Ways To Have More Kitchen Counter Space

Have you ever heard someone moan about having too much counter space in their kitchen? Never. Counters that are too long are rarely a problem, but a kitchen work zone that has short, sparse counter space always are. With the size of homes shrinking dramatically in Australia, kitchens are are also getting smaller.

The 8 Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes

Renovating an existing kitchen can be a much anticipated project, but with the amount of decisions needed to be made, it’s easy to make a number of mistakes. Here are 8 kitchen mistakes to avoid....

Travertine Benchtop Supplier

Some people who are engaged in material forming at the start of a building project may have encountered the term “travertine”. However, these people could have asked what this material is. Could this be a limestone, or a marble or both? Is travertine entirely different?

Natural Stone Benchtop

There’s a rich availability of benchtop materials and styles you can choose for your kitchen. Is, therefore, overwhelming to choose between timber, marble or stone benchtop. The benchtop you choose for your kitchen influences the style and ambiance of your kitchen space, entirely.

Onyx Benchtop

We all love being unique and different in a way. The same extends to our homes. With marble kitchen or bathroom benchtops being the standard material in many of the benchtop designs, standing out becomes almost impossible.

Stone Splashbacks

Let's be practical- kitchen remodeling and renovating is expensive. It is not always within one's options to do a complete and expensive renovation. That's why changing the splash backs is the perfect balance of both worlds.

Kitchen Benchtop Colour

Selecting benchtops with contrasting colours or materials can produce a stunning effect in your kitchen.. Let’s look at some best practices for mixing and matching your kitchen benchtops.

Kitchen Benchtop Showroom Sydney

Maybe you've spent hours combing through websites searching for design ideas, materials, colours, and the like. And yet, you still feel indecisive. That's why we have decided to give you a totally new, immersive experience in choosing kitchen or bathroom bench tops.

Engineered Stone Benchtops

The Engineered Stone Benchtops are available in a wide range of colours, with the growing trend imitating a marble look. They give you a gorgeous marble look at a fraction of the cost, without requiring continuous upkeep or wearing out like marble.

Engineered Stone

Natural and engineered stone are two popular choices for all kitchen surfaces including countertops and bench tops. Stone gives your kitchen a high end luxurious look and we source the very best stone from all over the world.

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