Interior Facelift – But on a Budget

Interior Facelift – But on a Budget

Sometimes our homes need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) – but often our wallets don’t agree. However, there are many ways to give your house a facelift on a budget.

  • Replace your kitchen bench tops

One of the best ways to bring your kitchen back to life is to replace the bench tops. The style and material of the bench tops or island can change the entire look and feel of the room. For example, a timber bench-top will add warmth and a rustic feel to a gloomy room. Stone, however, comes in such a vast variety of colours and styles that the possibilities are endless.

A marble look stone, whether it be genuine or engineered, will add a contemporary and luxurious finish to the kitchen. A dark or black stone will add depth to an otherwise plain room. Something with colour, like a blue vein or gold spec, will add dimension and complexity – and will completely change the space.

  • Stick to a colour scheme.

Our houses can become a mismatched collection of items, pieces of furniture and décor that we collect over time. By picking a single theme or colour scheme to stick to throughout the house you will elevate the space and create a sense of consistency. Start by taking out any décor items that are mismatched to your theme, and try refurbishing and updating existing pieces of furniture by painting them to suit your new colour scheme.


  • Change your kitchen splashback

While bench tops are usually neutral, a splashback is one of the few things in a kitchen that can truly be any colour or style. To completely brighten up a room you can use tiles, which come in a range of colours, shapes and styles. Stone is a clean and easy to maintain splashback alternative, with no grooves to clean in between. With so many colours and materials to pick from you will elevate your space on any budget.


  • Give your space a fresh coat of paint

If changing your furniture or décor is out of the question, or if you are mostly happy with the feel of the space but feel like something is missing – revamp your walls by changing the colour! Paint jobs can fade over time, and sometimes the colour you once loved suddenly seems dull. By refreshing your existing colour or picking an entirely new scheme, your space will feel brand new. Coloured walls can make a room feel busy, so turning them neutral can have a surprising effect on your home and can help focus attention to the details and décor. A plain room can also be redesigned entirely by adding a feature wall, mural, or a simple fresh coat.