Different Types of Stone for Kitchen Benchtops

If you are looking for a great kitchen benchtop, then consider using a stone benchtop material. Stone benchtops do not scratch easily and they make your home and kitchen look beautiful.

There are a variety of stone tops available in the market.

Note that each stone benchtop has its benefits and disadvantages and therefore before you buy any stone benchtop, it is important to consider the pros and cons to ensure you buy the right benchtop to your taste and preferences.

Types of kitchen stone benchtops

Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtop

This stone is also referred to as Caesar stone or quantum quartz.


  • The benefits associated with this kind of stone include its durability as compared to other natural stones hence your benchtop will stand the test of time.
  • They also come in a variety of colours. The stones are designed in a way that they don’t get damaged or discoloured by food spillage and maintains its natural look for a long time.


  • If you compare engineered stones with stainless steels regarding heat resistance, these stones have low resistance caused by the lead between the cabinet and the bench installation.

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

This kind of stone is recommended for those people looking for stones with a natural surface.


  • The stones are highly resistant to heat as compared to other stones, and they are manufactured in a variety of colours.


  • The stones require resealing when installing due to them being highly porous.

Marble or Limestone Kitchen Benchtop


  • These stones come in a number beautiful colours that will leave your kitchen looking very glamorous


  • The stones are relatively expensive as compared to others.

Onyx Kitchen Benchtop

Onyx stones are made in a variety of colours.


  • They are crafted in a beautiful translucent look.


  • The stones require extra care as they quickly get scratched.

Slate Kitchen Benchtop

This is another excellent, and natural dense stone to consider buying for your kitchen top.


  • The stones are designed in a variety of beautiful colours and are cheaper alternative  compared to granite.


  • The stones require regular maintenance such as sealing.

Soapstone Kitchen Benchtop

These stones are made using the mineral talc.


  • The stones are durable because they have a high resistance to heat.


  • The stones require regular maintenance like scratch removal, rubbing with mineral oils to reduce staining or sanding.

Other uses of the stones.

These stones can also be used in other surfaces like bathroom vanities as well as laundry room benches also.

Tips for maintaining your stone benches.

  • Diarise the time that you stone benchtop needs to be sealed to ensure it retains its original condition and look.
  • Before you buy your stone benchtop, it is important to understand the procedures that you need to follow to maintain the stone benchtop. Note that different stones require different procedures.
  • It is advisable that you use a variety of maintenance methods on your new stone benchtop (such as polishing, sanding and wiping on a regular basis to prevent dust staining)