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Apr 9, 2017

Creative Use of Natural Stone

Today, we’re going to show you some creative ways of using natural stone in your home.

Posted by: David


Today, we’re going to show you some creative ways of using natural stone in your home.

Let’s start with kitchens. As you can see in this photo, everything seems to be perfectly normal until we zoom out, then you can see the really odd shape of the island. The shape is just one way of customising the benchtops to make them really yours. Here’s another example: we have a roundtable connected to the island. It’s actually supported by the use of granite. Here’s another interesting shape of an island, but if you look closer into this photo, you can see that the floor is made from the same stone. That’s another way of making your kitchen stand out. This log home features a triangular island, which is another interesting shape in itself but, it’s really the edge that attracts your focus. It’s a laminated edge, which means two pieces of granite are glued together to create a two-and-a-half inch thick edge, which is really massive. Here’s another example of a laminated edge. Also, notice the corner design. Different corner designs can really enhance the look of the island. Your creativity doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen.

Let’s look at some interesting ways how natural stone can be used in a bathroom. The floor of this bathroom was created by cutting enormous tiles out of full slabs. The same tiles were used to create the tub surround. Also, take note of the moulding; that’s granite as well. This photo features two interesting ideas: first, the sinks are cut from stone and the mirror frame is made from granite also. A similar treatment can be made from different stones like in this case tonics. Some of the cleverer but also practical ways of using natural stone in your house include shower seats. Those can come in all shapes and sizes. You can also create granite shelves in your shower. This exquisite vanity wouldn’t be the same without the laminated edge and a custom shaped backsplash. And this vanity is using the translucent properties of onyx. By placing lights inside the vanity, a warm glow is achieved.

When you’re done playing with shapes and different properties of the stone, it’s time to look at different surfaces. This marble fireplace looks rather standard with its polished surface. Take a similar fireplace but add the honed granite and you have a completely different look. In this case, we have a stone block fireplace, but the heart and the pieces surrounding the box itself are made from travertine. Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces- those are the obvious places to use granite and other natural stones but, they can also be used as furniture tops, new wall caps, outside grills, coffee tables, and even office desks. Some of the most spectacular designs start with the stone, as was the case with this bar. The cabinets were actually designed to follow the veining of the stone.

These are just some ideas of how you can creatively use granite and other natural stones- travertine, onyx, marble- in your home. If you’re looking for more ideas, more inspiration, visit or call the team at StoneTech.