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About Reconstituted Stone

Reconstituted Stone (also known as Engineered Stone) is manufactured from a mix of stone aggregate chips (most commonly quartz or marble, but also igneous rocks such as granite and basalt); mineral fillers (generally the ground aggregate); a resin binder (typically an unsaturated polyester); pigments and additives. We proudly work with all of the reputable suppliers that support their product with a minimum of 10 years Warranty (e.g Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, AC Stone, Smartstone, Silestone, YDL, Talostone, Essa Stone, SMG …etc. )


The term “engineered stone” refers to a composite slab of stone that is generally made from around 90% crushed quartz and which is bound together using a polymer resin.

The extra 10% is generally made up of extra materials like metals, mirrors, shells, or coloured glass which are added in for aesthetic reasons. For more information, read about engineered stone here.

Engineered stone can be used for many applications within your home. The options are endless but here are some of the areas which we recommend you use engineered stone:

  • Kitchen Bench Tops
  • Vanity Bench Tops
  • Splashbacks
  • Laundry Bench Tops
  • Dining/Coffee Tables
  • Feature panels

For more information, please read about engineered stone benchtops here.

Engineered stone is a non-porous, heat resistant and stain resistant material that requires a low level of maintenance. There is a beauty to the uniqueness of natural stone that cannot be replicated with engineered stone, however it is a more porous material and will absorb spills if not sealed properly and regularly.

For more detailed information on how the stones compare, please click here.

Engineered benchtops are heat-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Our manufacturers have spent millions of dollars on research and development to ensure a wear-resistant surface. Avoid placing hot pots/pans directly onto the stone, use chopping boards for any cutting, and avoid abrasive cleaners to lengthen the life of your engineered stone bench top.

For detailed maintenance information, please click here.

The cost of any stone project is entirely dependent on the scope of works. However, if you require a specialised cutting job, have a complex design or require a large amount of stone, natural stone will likely be dearer as it requires a higher level of skilled workmanship and care to manufacture the benchtop. We do, however, have a wide range of colours and we can provide a cost-effective alternative to meet your budget if you so desire.

For more information on the difference between the two stones, please click here.

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