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Some people who are engaged in material forming at the start of a building project may have encountered the term “travertine”. However, these people could have asked what this material is. Could this be a limestone, or a marble or both? Is travertine entirely different?

Is Travertine The Same As Marble?

Travertine Benchtops

In most instances, travertine is usually sold as marble or limestone. However, it is neither of these two.

Instead, it is a natural stone; much the same way as granite, limestone and marble. As a matter of fact, travertine is a kind of limestone, just like marble but they are not similar. (Note that marble started as a limestone in the past and undergone metamorphosis from immense pressures and high temperatures.)

The most significant difference between travertine and other natural stones is the manner in which the material is formed naturally.

It is mainly produced in limestone caves and hot springs. It is basically a kind of limestone which is impacted and altered by added heat and pressure that is exerted on the earth’s crust.

It also formed on land than in the ocean. It is subsequently polished into smooth finishing. It is thereafter honed into a matte finishing, brushed or tumbled into a great textured surface, filled to a comparatively smooth finish, and finally chiselled into an uneven finishing.

Apart from the aforementioned differences, travertine also possesses some unique traits that set it apart from regular limestone.

By far the most outstanding of these are the holes that exist in the stones. These are brought about by carbon dioxide evasion. Travertine also exists in a variety of colours from beige to ivory to gold and walnut. The colour is mainly determined by the quantity of iron and other organic impurities that exist in the specific slab of travertine at a time.

It is also easily available and simpler to work when compared to other stones. By reasons of these, it makes a very popular building stone for exterior and interior building applications.

This is not to mention that it is also available for sale in a vast array of sizes and patterns. This makes it a versatile building material which is suitable for just about every other applications ranging from backsplashes, benchtops, and fireplace surrounds.

The building material likewise feels soft underfoot. It is slightly softer than its limestone counterpart. Travertine is impossible to retain its shine too. However, as soon as it settles in its unique matte finish, it offers the great warmth that is unprecedented by other materials.

still wish to know more about travertine?

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