Why Stone Adds Value To Your Home

Why Stone Adds Value To Your Home


Whether it be a renovating a potential rental property or building your own home as a future investment, stone benchtops are an enticing addition when considering future value.

Many builders and companies still recommend and specialize in melamine or laminate benchtops, and the appeal of these materials is usually the lower price point.

However, one of the benefits of considering stone for your kitchen and/or vanities is the lower maintenance and value for money. Regardless of whether the property will be used as a rental or your own home, the potential of a need for a replacement benchtop when using laminate is much higher as hot saucepans and plates will cause much more damage to laminate than to stone. This is because laminate itself is made from layers of plastic, whereas quartz benchtops are made from natural hard minerals and resin. Quartz is an affordable alternative to marble or granite but is very hard and durable – particularly in comparison to laminate, its biggest competitor.

When using the house as a rental, it is important to consider that you will not being able to monitor the cleaning supplies used by tenants. Abrasive sponges or cleaners will show damage much faster to a melamine or laminate surface, whereas genuine stone is a much sturdier material; able to withstand higher temperatures and is scratch resistant.

Another consideration is the higher rental or purchasing value of homes with genuine stone. As stone is more sought after and considered a more luxurious option, the enticement of the property for potential renters or buyers is undeniably higher. The kitchen itself is the most analyzed area for quality by potential buyers as one of the most used and lived-in areas of the home. Houses with stone benchtops statistically sell for a higher amount as the need for a future renovation of the benchtop is minimal.

While laminate is a cheaper alternative and can still come in a range of colours, the material itself is often considered “dated”. Although many people will still choose this material because of the price, the popularity of stone is unprecedented and anybody who does their own research will see that it is the number one seller today. It is important for those who own properties to consider future trends – with a simple, engineered stone being the least likely option to date and cause a loss of value to the property.