Why you should visit a stone showroom

Why you should visit a stone showroom

As easy as it is to make your home renovation selections online, there are undeniable benefits to visiting a showroom to select your stone. Most suppliers have uploaded their ranges and stone options online – which is a fantastic tool for customers and stonemasons alike. However, not only are you losing the experience of touching and seeing your stone in person, but you lose the guidance of the professionals who can verify your selections suitability for your specific job.


Slab Variations:

As quartz stones are man-made materials there are minimal variations between different batches and online photos are reasonably true to the look of the stone in person. However with natural stone of any kind, variations between not only batches, but individual slabs, is not only possible but expected. If you are considering a natural material such as granite or marble for your home we highly recommend visiting the warehouse or showroom of the supplier or stonemason to select and reserve the slab that you like to avoid disappointment or inconsistencies.



In the Stone-Tech showroom we carry the samples of a variety of suppliers; some more well-known than others, and not all have detailed ranges online. However, despite popularity we ensure that all of the suppliers we work with provide a minimum of 10 years warranty for their products, and that we are familiar with and proud to stock all of the colours on display. Visiting our showroom will certainly allow you to broaden your choices and ensure you are selecting the best option for your home.


Professional Advice:

One of the biggest benefits to making the trip to a stone showroom is the opportunity to hear the perspective and advice of the professionals. At the Stone-Tech showroom, your showroom consultant is there to answer any questions about stone suitability for different applications, the differences between different materials, to explain how the ranges of different suppliers work and to assist in the design process. Although every company will work differently, at Stone-Tech you can tour our facilities (including the showroom and factory), speak to an estimator, look at your colour options and learn about different materials in one short visit. We are here to ensure you select the best option for your needs and budget.


Take a Sample Home:

When visiting a stone showroom you will have the option to take home small colour samples to assist in your colour matching and design process. Taking home a sample of the stone to visualise next to your cabinetry, flooring, wall colouring or home decor is an invaluable means of confirming that you are making the correct choice with your stone selections.