Tips For Making The Ultimate Entertainers’ Kitchen

It is becoming apparent that the kitchen is turning into the hub of one’s home. As a place for not only cooking but also entertaining, it is necessary to incorporate not only functionality but also style into your new kitchen plans.

Now you may find the idea daunting to design a kitchen that is not only functional and practical but also an inviting and pleasant atmosphere for up to , say, 20 guests or more, but if you follow a few general guidelines the process becomes much more manageable.

7 primary design elements to achieve an entertainers kitchen

There are about 7 primary design elements you can focus on in order to get on your way to making more realistic, concrete plans for your kitchen; have a look at the list below:

1) It you want to maximize your space for entertainment but don’t have an unlimited space or budget, then best solution is to integrate your dining area into your kitchen. A larger, open-concept kitchen plus dining area all in one allows you to have a large kitchen entertaining area without having to build an especially large stand-alone kitchen.

2) Durable and easy to maintain materials, like engineered stone benchtops or at least stone finishes, make for easy clean-ups and low maintenance so you can focus more on enjoying yourself with your guests during your kitchen parties.

3) A kitchen island is pretty much a must; this is a great multi-functional surface for not only preparing, but also serving food to your guests.

4) Make sure you have room for the right appliances. For entertaining, especially if it tends to happen spontaneously, you want to have a lot of food in stock, and so you want to have space for a large fridge. You’ll also want to have space for a fairly large oven if you are going to be preparing food for a lot of people.

5) Unless it is altogether impossible for some reason, go for a double sink. This way you can have one for preparing and one for washing on the go at the same time. It’s a very useful element for an efficient kitchen.

6) Lighting is important if you and your guests are going to be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, and no one wants to spend time under harsh and mundane looking florescent lighting. Go for dimmable downlights so you can brighten or soften depending on the situation (dim lighting at night can be quite pleasing aesthetically, but in some cases you don’t want the mood to be too romantic).

7) Open shelving is a great aspect to have in a fast-paced kitchen; just tell your guests to help themselves and they can easily grab what they need without any opening and searching.