How to Pair Kitchen Splashbacks and Stone Benchtops with Ease

Kitchens are the heart of the home. They are the biggest investment you will do when renovating or building new. There are many elements that goes into designing a kitchen but one of the important one that makes or breaks the deal is Kitchen Splashback. A Splashback can make quite a statement in the overall design of your kitchen .When choosing a splashback for your kitchen you need to consider not only the design and style of the space, but that it also needs to withstand everyday use, be easy to clean and comply with Australian Standards.

There are different elements to consider when designing your kitchen splashback: matching, contrasting and coordinating. Before you can choose your splashback, you must decide on which one of these approaches you are going to take.



If you are hoping for a seamless interaction between splashback and benchtops, take the matching approach and choose the same material or colour for both. This will help create a continuous flow within the space and develop visual interest. This approach is often done with neutral colours and materials.



Contrasting is applied to create a dramatic effect, and often involves using the splashback as the statement feature. If you have a bold splashback design in mind, choose neutral benchtops and cabinetry to create a contrast.  Pick the colour and material of the benchtop and kitchen cabinets, which will harmonise your feature splashback so that they may blend together to provide a cohesive look yet giving a centre stage attention to the striking feature splashback.



If you plan on using a mix of colours, choose a similar pattern or colour (hue) for all materials. Choosing a splashback colour that matches the hue of your cabinetry is referred to as ‘coordinating’.  This approach creates an appealing aesthetic in the space and is the most popular approach out of the three mentioned. An example of this is neutral cabinetry with a white benchtop and white/grey stone splashback.

If you’re not comfortable in visualising your completed kitchen then hiring an expert is perhaps the best option for you. With their professional experience they can guide you all through –from pros and cons of using certain material and what looks best when paired together.