The Advantages of Marble Benchtops

There are a wide variety of different stone materials to choose from for your kitchen or bathroom benchtops, such as sandstone or granite. You may, however, find yourself wondering about the advantages, if any, of having a marble benchtop, as many residents of Sydney in particular have begun to do so.

Advantages of marble over other stone benchtops

So, what exactly are the advantages of marble over other stone benchtops? Is it more than a matter of style over substance?

The first thing to note about marble is it’s timeless and classic beauty, making it much like granite in this respect.

Marble has been regarded highly for a long time, and was often used in temples or other sacred spaces as well as in works of art in the past.

Today, however, marble as a building material has become much more accessible to ordinary home owners, and yet its high degree of beauty and elegance has remained.

The qualities of marble….

Marble, again like granite, also comes in a variety of different colours, all of which are as beautiful as they are unique, and are varied enough to match up with your already existing colour scheme no matter how eclectic it may be.

In addition, marble is extremely hard and durable, and holds up very well to the stresses of time given only that it is kept very clean: one disadvantage is that it is fairly porous and stains fairly easily.

However provided that you clean it regularly and always clean up any spills immediately, your benchtops will essentially remain as you bought them for all eternity.

Marble is also very versatile in that it can blend with with just about any kitchen or bathroom, regardless of the pre-existing decor.

And in most cases marble will not only match up with the already existing style of your room, but will even accentuate and heighten its design.

Marble benchtops add value to your home

Finally, while marble shares many of the qualities above with other benchtop materials, the main feature that sets it apart from other materials is the way in which it adds value to your home.

Although marble is not particularly more expensive than other stone benchtops, it tends to impress home appraisers and will add more to the resale value of your home than other materials will.

Probably the second main advantage of marble is that, although it does take some extra time, effort, and diligence to maintain it properly,

if one can commit to doing so then your marble can remain essentially unchanged over the entire course of its life in your home.

You will never need to replace your benchtop again, and it will always look amazing regardless of what you do to the surrounding decor.