Reconstituted Stone Benchtop vs Natural Stone Benchtop

Do you want to learn about the difference between a Caesarstone reconstituted stone benchtop and a natural marble or granite benchtop?

Natural stones like marble and granite

Natural stones like marble and granite been around forever.

The natural beauty of those products cannot be disputed when they go into homes as benchtops from an aesthetics point of view.

The one thing from a drawback point is that they are open to staining due to the porous nature and the veining they contain within.

So what Caesarstone have done with their reconstituted stone benchtops is tried to emulate some of the beauty of the natural product and develop that into a Caesarstone product.

A reconstituted stone benchtop with the look of marble & the feel of granite

They now have a range called Supernatural which incorporates the look of marble and the feel of granite with the performance of Caesarstone.

This reconstituted stone benchtop is a non-porous surface much like the rest of the Caesarstone range, which performs in a manner, whereby in a day to day environment, in work and kitchen it’s very practical, as well as looking very beautiful.

Caesarstone is a company within the Australian market.

The big difference with Caesarstone is that they manufacture their own product, which gives them full control in a few areas.

The first key area is colour development.

Caesarstone can develop the colours to suit the trends of todays market.

The second key element is the manufacturing side of things.

Caesarstone control the quality of the ingredient as well as the various aspects that go into the Caesarstone product to make sure it’s of the best quality.

They then provide an after style service, which is a very important part in making sure that the end result is A1 for the installation.

Caesarstone quality is always amazing and the Caesarstone reconstituted stone benchtop is such a gorgeous product and that’s exactly why many people choose to have Caesarstone in their homes.