What Is Engineered Stone?

The term “engineered stone” refers to a composite slab of stone that is generally made from around 90% crushed quartz and which is bound together using a polymer resin.

The extra 10% is generally made up of extra materials like metals, mirrors, shells, or coloured glass which are added in for aesthetic reasons.

This material can be used anywhere that other slab stones like marble or granite are used, but for the most part people choose engineered stone for their bathroom and kitchen countertops.

A Popular Composite Stone Product

This sort of composite stone product is starting to become more and more popular and is sometimes even preferred to natural stone slabs because the man-made version can actually be more resilient.

If you compare it to unsealed granite, for example, engineered stone is much more stain resistant because it is 100% non-porous, meaning that anything spilled on the surface of your countertops will never penetrate past the surface and so spills will never set into the countertops themselves.

On top of being easier to maintain this also makes engineered stone safer and less prone to develop harmful bacterias.

Engineered Stone Slabs Are Strong

Engineered stone slabs like these are also much more uniformly structured than natural ones, making them stronger and less prone to cracking despite the fact that it is crushed stone sealed together rather than a single solid piece.

However the fact that it is crushed stone bound together, and in this sense is not solid, does not mean that it is no solid in the sense of being stone all the way through.

Make sure that you get a solid slab of stone – albeit composite or engineered: even though the composite slab is only 90% stone, you still want to get the same type of stone all the way through, as opposed to wooden or MDF benchtops with a thin stone laminate on the surface.

Getting a solid slab (again, either engineered or not) is important for your benchtop’s durability.

There is a wide variety of different composite stones available in various shades and styles so that you can find something to compliment your existing (or projected) decor.

And in addition to quartz engineered stones, they are also made from silestone, caesarstone, and smartstone, among others.

All are made with exceptional care and attention to detail and at least one is sure to catch your eye.

To get a first-hand impression for yourself, feel free to come visit our showroom to see just what we mean.