Kitchen Benchtop Colour

Selecting benchtops with contrasting colours or materials can produce a stunning effect in your kitchen.. Let’s look at some best practices for mixing and matching your kitchen benchtops.

Finding The Best Benchtop Colour For Your Kitchen

Mixing and matching colouring for your kitchen bench tops is a savvy way to elucidate the aesthetic appeal.

The following are some reasons that you should be contrasting the hues:

1. Visual Interest

There are certain ways to stretch the appeal of an item. If a person is dead set on marble, but cannot afford an entire room full, then choose a marble focal point. For example, this could be a marble island in the middle of the kitchen. Then a person could choose other colours for the bench tops surrounding to bring in visual interest and highlight the middle of the kitchen as a focal point.

Also, if one has a proclivity to dark colouring, the person needs to be mindful that too much darkness is enveloping. So, the designer needs to pick a part of the kitchen to focus on. Then the rest should be in lighter colours so as to create a mood of open air and not closed in space.

2. Practicality

Most of the time, the colours that one picks out is done solely for appearance. However, a person can also sequester certain areas of the kitchen, for example, to designate different functions. There can be certain colours that signal a washing area, and then others that are the chopping station. Each part of the kitchen or other room can have a scheme to section the room off into smaller compartments.

Some examples of how to use materials for their function are by choosing ones that work with what you will use the space for. A wood counter top is not good for areas that will be around the sink because the surface is porous. Also, marble and granite are cool materials that are ideal for baking stations.

If you don’t want the design of your kitchen to look too one-dimensional, then mixing and matching your benchtops can be very effective.

You can apply these same principles when selecting the texture of your benchtops, as well, or the edge profile of them.

Add colour variants is a great way to add dimension to a room.

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