Quartz Benchtop

Expert Advice From One Of The Leading Sydney Quartz Benchtop Suppliers

It can be difficult to know if quartz benchtops are right for you.

They are man-made and often a choice instead of stone bench tops. There are advantages and draw backs to the use of quartz.

The following list will explore both:

Advantages Of A Quartz Benchtop


Quartz is very aesthetically pleasing even though it is not a natural material. There is a wider range of hue options that present for quartz as a result. It has a timeless look as well and is often mistaken for real stone.


Quartz does not have a porous surface so it will not get wet if any liquid is spilled on top of it. It also withstands scratches that other organic material does not.

Ease of Maintenance

Quartz, due to its non-porous nature, is not that easy to stain. Also, a person does not have to constantly clean it like natural material tops.

Disadvantages Of A Quartz Benchtop


There will be a few cracks where the material is stuck together. Some people do not like the look of these seams and would rather have a huge slab of rock.

Sensitive to Heat

Even though quartz does not soak up liquid, a person cannot put hot items on top of it. If one does so, permanent heat marks will result.

People might have a difficult time choosing a material. It is a large investment, and there is no way around that. It can help though to mull over the pro’s and con’s of the material.

When it comes down to it, sometimes people just need to see it in action. When a person can feel a quartz benchtop, then the individual can make a more informed choice.

That’s why Stone-Tech has a wide variety of options in their showrooms. If you are in the Sydney area, then come visit a showroom today.