Onyx Benchtop

We all love being unique and different in a way. The same extends to our homes. With marble kitchen or bathroom benchtops being the standard material in many of the benchtop designs, standing out becomes almost impossible.

Onyx Kitchen Benchtops

That is why we would like to present to you – a totally different material known as Onyx. An Onyx benchtop will make your kitchen or bathroom be unique in so many ways

What is Onyx?

That must be the question racing through your mind I am sure.

Onyx is a genre per se of marble that has several unique characteristics from the commonly used marble. The Onyx marble has a natural translucency, unlike the opaque marbles. It also comes within range of colours that naturally form into the stone.

The randomness of the colours and the translucent nature brings about the rareness of the marble making it an exclusive marble type that is a reserve for those bold enough.

How to accent the Onyx benchtops

Besides being an impressive rock upon being cut, there is a lot that can be done to highlight the stones inner beauty.

One of the great ways to do this is underneath lighting. Using bulbs from the other side gives a nice warm lighting in the interior décor. It also magnifies the subtle mixing of colours sending a waterfall of different coloured lighting.

To cap it all, since the colours are natural and random, it brings about the distinctiveness in every piece of benchtop cut. Whatever you get might appear similar to the other, but are not really.

The final cut finish may also fade away over time due to use. Therefore, polishing the bench top once every few years may come in handy in maintaining the top surface from wear or corrosion from chemicals. It keeps the glossy shiny appearance that is easy to clean too.

Onyx marble bench top maintenance

The Onyx marble is more or less similar to the common marble available. Therefore, their maintenance procedure also follows suit.

It is essential to clean the marble tops once they are dirty to keep the gleaming look. Also important to note is that, periodic polishing or application of a thin to always compensate for the chipping hard surface to protect the stone.

It is important to note that acids eat away the top layers of the polish, and may cause more damage once they reach the stone surface itself. It is therefore wise to use acid neutralising detergents or chemicals to protecting from the chemical etching.

About Stone-TECH

Stone-Tech® is a registered company that was established in 1983 in Australia. They specialise in importing and cutting of natural stones from all over the world to make bench tops. They deal in Granite, Limestone, Marble and onyx or sandstone.

They also provide other kitchen and office solutions such as vanity tops, fireplace stones, bathroom table tops, stone cladding and even staircase tiling with the stone tiles.

For more information or a free quote, make a stop at their shop where they have a variety of samples works in their physical showroom that can be found at 4/13 Boundary Rd, Northmead, NSW, 2152.