Natural Stone Benchtop

There’s a rich availability of benchtop materials and styles you can choose for your kitchen. Is, therefore, overwhelming to choose between timber, marble or stone benchtop. The benchtop you choose for your kitchen influences the style and ambiance of your kitchen space, entirely.

How to choose a natural stone benchtop for your kitchen space

Natural stone benchtops including limestone, granite, or marble are some of the most preferred choices people make to ensure their contemporary kitchens spaces become lovely.

Due to the use of a mixture of quartz and natural stones, engineered stone benchtops tend to appear natural. The engineering also makes these tops stain-proof but can start fading when exposed to the natural sunlight.

The overall style you settle for your kitchen influences your choice of engineered or natural stone bench. Using the simple guide below will help you find the right stone benchtops that match your kitchen style.

Marble benchtops

These benchtops give a timeless, striking and elegant edge to your space in the kitchen. You can choose between polished finishes or horned marble benchtops. These tops are also available in various colour patterns and tones that give your kitchen space a unique touch.

Marble benchtop is not only an economical option for your kitchen but also a durable one that lasts for a long time with no requirement of repair or replacement.

Staining was common among past marble benchtops. However, the case is different from the contemporary marble benchtops as they are treated with sealants that make it impossible for liquids to penetrate and stain the stone. For a long-lasting, stain-resistant and scratch-free marble top, regular sealing and cleaning are necessary.

The versatility of marble is incredible, enhancing different wall treatments and flooring and matching different design schemes. Marble is a sure option guaranteeing to make everything from a contemporary kitchen, that gleam with chrome and glass, to rusty pine kitchen, look better. Besides, the use of granite top increases the style of your kitchen space.

The Granite benchtops

The granite benchtop offers a fairly low-maintenance option, that’s non-porous, allowing the surface to retain its freshness and new look for several years. Granite tops are available in different colours and shades that complement your decor. Unlike their marble counterparts, granite benchtops have a solid and uniform look.

Granite tops also require frequent cleaning and sealing, just like marble benchtops do, to maintain the new look for several years.

Granite is more durable and resistant to spills and scratches than marble. There are fewer maintenance requirements when using granite as it is also heat-resistant. Unlike marble, granite is more resistant to acidic spills, thus offering a worthy alternative for the kitchen spaces. Both marble and granite kitchen benchtops offer glamorous options, but your selection should depend on your preference of styling your kitchen.

The choice of marble or granite benchtops influences your kitchen’s space design – complementing the overall feel and look of your space.

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