Selecting Your Stone Benchtop? Check these 6IX Points

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When selecting a stone benchtop, considering the interplay between the stone and cabinet design is crucial for achieving a harmonious and functional kitchen or bathroom space. The choice of benchtop material and design can significantly influence the aesthetic appeal and practicality of these rooms. Here are some of the most important issues to note before making your selection:


  1. Compatibility with Cabinet Design

The design, colour, and material of your cabinets should complement your stone benchtop. A mismatch can lead to a visually jarring effect. Consider whether you prefer a contrasting look, such as dark cabinets with a light benchtop, or a more harmonious, monochromatic scheme. The thickness and edge profile of the stone should also be compatible with the style of your cabinets to ensure a cohesive look.


  1. Material Durability and Maintenance

Different stone materials offer varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements. Granite and quartzite are popular for their durability and low maintenance, but they come with different aesthetic and cost implications. Marble, while luxurious and beautiful, requires more upkeep to prevent stains and scratches. Assess your lifestyle and willingness to maintain the benchtop when choosing the stone type.


  1. Cost

The cost of stone benchtops varies widely based on the material, thickness, and the complexity of the installation. High-end stones like quartzite and marble can be more expensive, while granite and Zero Silica stones offer a balance of affordability and durability. It’s important to budget not just for the material but also for installation and maintenance costs.


  1. Weight

The weight of the stone is a critical consideration, as heavy materials like granite and marble require sturdy cabinet and support structures. Ensure that your cabinet design can support the weight of the stone you choose without requiring extensive modifications, which can increase costs and complexity.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Stone benchtops come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and finishes. The choice should align with your overall design vision for the space. Some stones offer dramatic veining and bold colours, while others provide a more subtle, uniform appearance. Consider the lighting in your room, as this can affect the appearance of the stone.


  1. Installation and Fabrication

The complexity of your design, including the shape of your benchtop and the inclusion of features like undermount sinks, can affect the cost and difficulty of installation. Choose a reputable fabricator with experience in working with your selected stone to ensure a high-quality finish.



Selecting a stone benchtop involves balancing aesthetics, durability, cost, and environmental considerations with the design of your cabinets. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a benchtop that enhances the functionality and beauty of your space, ensuring it meets your lifestyle needs and design preferences.