Stone benchtops overhang. Why do we have to have them?

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Stone benchtop overhang, is a design feature commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. It refers to the portion of the stone or solid surface benchtop that extends beyond the edge of the cabinet or supporting structure. It can serve several practical and aesthetic purposes:
Seating: One of the primary reasons for having an overhang is to create a comfortable seating area at the benchtop. This allows for the installation of barstools or chairs, turning the benchtop into a dining or casual seating area. It’s a popular choice for kitchen islands, where people can sit, eat, or socialize.
The depth of the overhang can vary, but it’s typically in the range of 250 to 400 mm for most applications. The specific size of the overhang often depends on the intended use, available space, and design preferences.
Adequate workspace: Overhangs provide additional workspace by extending the usable surface of the benchtop. This extra space can be helpful when preparing meals or working on various kitchen tasks, as it provides more room for food preparation, appliances, or utensils without cluttering the cabinet area.
Aesthetic appeal: An overhang can enhance the overall appearance of the benchtop and give it a more substantial and elegant look. It can also be used to create visual interest and contrast, especially when the benchtop material differs from the cabinet material.
Hide cabinet edges: Cover the edges of cabinets and provide a clean and finished appearance. This can be particularly useful if the cabinet materials or construction are not as aesthetically pleasing as the benchtop material.
Protection: Helps protect the cabinets and their contents from spills, drips, and crumbs that may fall off the benchtop. It acts as a barrier, preventing liquids and debris from easily reaching the cabinet surfaces.
It’s essential to consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects when deciding on the size and placement of an overhang for your stone benchtop or benchtop to ensure that it meets your needs and complements your overall kitchen or bathroom design.