11 Practical Ways To Have More Kitchen Counter Space

Have you ever heard someone moan about having too much counter space in their kitchen? Never. Counters that are too long are rarely a problem, but a kitchen work zone that has short, sparse counter space always are. With the size of homes shrinking dramatically in Australia, kitchens are are also getting smaller.

Here are some clever ideas that will help you create extra space in even the smallest of kitchen spaces.

1. Use an induction cooktop

Induction cooktops provide extra counter space when they are not being used. Induction stoves offer a place to rest a chopping board, or for food preparation as you cook.

2. Use a single bowl sink

Single-bowl sinks take up less counter space a double-bowl design, while allowing enough space to fit large pots, dishes and pans without having them tilted at an awkward angle.

3. Sinks get smart

With people crying out for more bench space in smaller kitchens, sink manufacturing companies have listened. Sinks now come with attachments like chopping boards and inserts to give more useable space.

4. Kitchen bins

Similar to sink inserts, slide-out working zones that fit over your garbage bin can potentially provide a concealed bench space as well.

5. Create an insta-bench

Pull-down, fold-up, pull-out countertops are ideal at creating instant preparation space in a smaller kitchen, and thanks to concealed and integrated options, they now look better than ever.

6. Moveable benches 

Butcher’s blocks on wheels – which can roll in and out to seamlessly integrate into your cabinetry – are an option to consider if you’re in the market for extra, movable counter space.

7. Factor in appliances

Some appliances literally take over your kitchen. These same appliances often command pride of place on a kitchen bench or take up an entire cupboard area, forcing its contents onto the bench.

8. Island time

Kitchen islands come in every shape and size, and increase both your bench space and your storage capacity. Couple your kitchen island with bar stools to enjoy a comfortable place to sit, or use it to delineate your kitchen area from your living area.

9. Double-duty furniture

If you have no room for a kitchen island? Look to your dining table to use as an extra bench.

10. Move it up

Additional storage may not provide you with more counter space, but installing a shelf to shift objects off your benchtop will make a big difference. Adding functional shelving can be a quick and easy fix.

11. Declutter the countertop

The most obvious way to free up more counter space in your kitchen is to declutter it. This is easier said than done, because if you move all that clutter from your kitchen countertop to a shelf in another room, your job for next weekend will be to declutter that now-overflowing shelf.