Designing With Natural Stone

Highlights on Stone-Tech recent visit to the World’s most important exhibition dedicated to Stone Industry, Marmomac at Verona, Italy on September 2022.


Browsing around, meeting Suppliers, Machine Manufacturers and Architects raised a Question; Why should a Designer or an Architect select Natural Stone as Finishing Material today?


Marble has excellent Resilience over time and not like Ceramics, can be treated. It is a product from an appealing point enhances the project in an exceptional way, showing the effect of Nature, each slab is Unique and has its own characteristic as are the textures and veins.


It is so important to have this relationship between the Stone producer and the designer, a collaboration that is necessary particularly when it comes to high end projects. Understand the history, viewing the quarry (for big projects) to establish a relationship with the Stone, getting closer to nature and subsequently develop a kind of respect.


Manufacturers have a responsibility to Educate and Train Architects and Interior Designers. For example an ordinary Designer may go for Carrara Marble not knowing that there are more than 50 or even 100 types of this range!


Although there are guides formed by Major Developers, but it is crucial to go a further step forward to build Stone Culture.


Technology made a great advances in recent years plays vital role to support designers to implement performance. As Marble considered a heavy element slicing it into thinner and thinner forms giving it Flexibility and becoming more innovative. Honeycomb backing halved the weight of the slabs and opened a wide window of applications like luxury boats and jets interiors. Crystal backing thin as 8mm Marble sheets created Backlit Surfaces. Carbon and resins infused to create Elasticity.


In addition to this constant finding of New Quarries of Onyx and Quartzite in Brazil allowing designers to explore new Colours and textures in their pallets. Mind Stimulating!


Natural Stone is no longer excluded for Majestic establishments, but also for Stylish Stores and Shops and anyone’s Dream Home.